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About Us

We are a company designed for those that take the hard road. In any aspect of life, choosing the difficult option and facing it head on leads to the rewards we all seek. Whether it's in the gym or at work, turning away from the easy choice and going against the grain is what anomalies do. Feel the pain, feel the burn and know that it will lead to your success.

The gym and physical pursuits changed our lives for the better, and now we make athletic apparel and hope to make a difference. 5% of all of our proceeds are donated to Right to Play which serves kids through the power of play. These kids didn't get to choose their circumstances but we hope that with our help, along with others, they get to find their path and fulfill their potential.

What sets us apart? 

1) No ridiculous pricing.

There is no reason to be paying an arm and a leg for athletic apparel. We want to ensure that you receive high quality apparel for both aesthetics and performance without breaking the bank. Express your style and individuality at a fair price point.

2) No unfair labour.

We do not use sweatshops or unfair labour to maximize our bottom line. We source our clothing from Canadian wholesalers and use local small businesses for printing and embroidery. Our cut and sew work is also done by fair-labour Canadian facilities.  

3) Purpose over profit.

We donate 5% of top line revenue to Right To Play charity in an effort to give back. As we grow, we hope to have our own charity focused on building gyms and facilities for youth in need. Donations are made monthly.

4) Values

In a world of instant gratification and same-day shipping, we move slow and steady. You will be waiting for your order much longer than you are accustomed to.

We like speed and profit, but they are not our top values. In the process of getting you your clothing, we want to make as many touch points as we can to support local small businesses and good hardworking people.

We do not hold stock on hand, we prepare everything "to-order" by getting blanks from various Canadian wholesalers. Then they are sent to local screen printers. Or for certain products, designs are sent to Canadian manufacturers and crafted from the ground up.Then we hand package the orders and send them out.